An all-day event on Periscope's @ParachuteTV1 dedicated to charity and the spirit of giving - Saturday December 5th

7am PST (and throughout the day)

Roker Live (@RokerLIVE) & Parachute TV (@ParachuteTV1) collaborate for #Perigiving! The #Perigiving event will kick off at 7am PST in New York on @ParachuteTV1 on Periscope, with a live stream from Roker LIVE encouraging viewers to “pay it forward” with acts of kindness.  






In the spirit of the holiday, Instagram star & host, Jessica Siskin will encourage complete strangers to buy a cup of coffee, a treat, or a snack for a total stranger on the streets of New York City. Jessica will be joined by Kay Brown, 26, an investment firm assistant, whose kindhearted decision to give her shoes to a homeless woman on a NYC subway recently went viral.


Our hosts will pop up at different locations during the day and hand out treats on the streets of NYC, seeking to spread kindness and to put smiles on a strangers face around the holidays.

Kay will join us again at 8:00am PST and 9:15am PST, while Jessica will join us again at 10:15am PST, 11:15am PST and 12:15pm PST.

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Jessica Siskin will also be involved in "Treats 4 Toys." This holiday season, in partnership with Toys for Tots and food art innovator MisterKrisp, Rice Krispies “Treats 4 Toys” is making it easy for moms to embrace the spirit of the season by making delicious treats with their families that also make a difference. For every Rice Krispies Treat they share, using #Treats4Toys, Rice Krispies will donate a gift to Toys for Tots to help give a little joy to a child in need. Through creativity-inspiring treat creations, Rice Krispies will add an extra layer of fun to holiday treat-making and help moms create special moments and memories with their kids, while providing the opportunity to teach them the true meaning of giving.

Jessica makes amazing edible Rice Krispies treat sculptures. You can follow her treat creations on Instagram at  (@mister_krisp).

Jessica will hit the streets of NYC with decorated Rice Krispies treats, enlisting help from her fellow New Yorkers to hand them out to strangers.  And be sure to check her Instagram for all the pics!

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9am PST


Can you get by on $1.40 per meal? Portland-based Parisjat Umscheid joins us to raise awareness for what people on food stamps have to live on and the limited unhealthy choices. She will be joining us from the Oregon Food Bank.

Periscope Host: @DecorusSeminars

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10am PST

Project Nautilus is a non-profit with the goal of breaking the world record for longest saltwater scuba dive...and in the process, raise $1 million for Make-a-Wish. The Project Nautilus team will join us with a live update in the midst of their campaign, taking place off Coki Beach in St. Thomas, between Dec 4-10.Tune in for a chance to talk to the diver live in the water!

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11am PST


Periscope trivia host Keith Maurice joins us from Chicago to play ‘Word Blast,’ donating to charity based on audience involvement. Keith’s charity of choice is ‘Pencils of Promise,’ which helps build schools and encourages education across the globe.

Periscope Host: @KeiphMaurice

12pm PST


The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation is involved in countless charitable efforts, including its Dodgers Dreamfields program, which provides baseball and softball fields where youngsters can learn the game in a safe environment. There are currently 39 facilities, including the recently built Dreamfield at Baldwin Hills Recreation Center, which was built with special needs children in mind. We’ll visit the field and Jon Erlichman will speak with Nichol Whiteman, Executive Director of the Dodgers Foundation. 

This holiday season, the Dodgers Foundation is also raising funds through an online auction, where anyone can bid on memorabilia, with all proceeds going to the foundation.

(General donations can be made and individuals can consider donating their vehicles before end of year as well - all at all at

Periscope Host: @JonErlichman

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1pm PST


Jennifer Wicks will join us in LA with her 8-year old niece to discuss Interval House, a local domestic abuse shelter. Jennifer organizes an annual “Holiday Karma” toy drive to bring gifts that the mothers can give to their children.

Periscope Host: @OneInYoga

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1:30pm PST

Crafting Expert Marisa Lynch (aka ‘New Dress A Day’) joins us with a special, holiday DIY that can be the perfect unexpected gift for your postal worker, next door neighbor, or anyone you appreciate in your day to day life.

Marisa will also help raise awareness for The Art Of Elysium, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of artists and critically ill children.

Periscope Host: @newdressaday 



2:30pm PST

Recipe master Erin Woodbury (aka ‘Fit Fab Food’) joins us from Orange County, California with some lessons on healthy edibles you can hand out in your community this holiday season (teachers, mailmen...and those in need)

Erin is also passionate about charities that help feed the hungry, especially children.  She has donated to World Vision for many years and is encouraging viewers to do the same.

Periscope Host: @ErinCWoodbury

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3pm PST

Director Alex Winter joins us in Los Angeles to discuss The Reciprocity Foundation, a non-profit offering transformative programming for homeless and foster youth in NYC.

Periscope Host: @alxwinter 

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3:30 PST

Periscope Influencer Danielle Ford joins us from Montana to discuss Hero School, a non profit she works with, which helps the homeless of Las Vegas get things like IDs, clothes for interviews, bus passes, etc. 

Periscope Host: @DanielleFordLV

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4:30pm PST

Sonia Caroll joins us from Australia’s Gold Coast, to hand out care packages to those in need.

Periscope Host: @SoniaCarroll

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5:30pm PST

Melissa Leger, Creator of Gumball Love, will join us from New York City and bring meals to the homeless.

Periscope Host: @MelissaLeger

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6pm PST

Vanessa (Pet Lovin’ Entrepreneur) will visit a local pet shelter in Australia’s Gold Coast, to raise awareness around the treatment of animals during the holidays. 

Periscope Host: @PetLoveBiz

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7pm PST

Caroline Lesley, Seth Cohen, Paul Feinstein, Jon Erlichman and other LA-based members of the Parachute TV team wrap up the day’s events from ChowNow’s holiday party in Los Angeles. ChowNow is helping raise awareness for L.A. Kitchen, which reclaims healthy local food that would otherwise be discarded. It also trains men and women who are unemployed and provides meals to fellow citizens.

Periscope Hosts: @skorstar @imsethcohen @Paul_Feinstein @JonErlichman

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