Jon is a frequent contributor to Parachute TV. Jon covers BREAKING NEWS for the channel like the Paris Vigil in Los Angeles and the live coverage of the mass shooting in San Bernadino, CA. 

Jon also handles Spotlight interviews with Hollywood Directors, Producers, Musicians, Writers & Actors. Recent interviews include: BEN SILVERMAN (Exec Producer of The Office), BOB GALE (Creator of Back To The Future), KEN CAILLAT (major record Producer & Colbie Caillat's dad) and Perrin Chiles & Marc Joubert (Exec Producers of Project Greenlight on HBO

Erlichman also co-founded the Periscope talent network, Lifestream. As well, he is the co-creator of Parachute TV,  Periscope’s first television network. Erlichman has served as an on-air TV correspondent for 15 years, with networks including ABC News, HLN, Epix TV & Bloomberg Television. He also writes about tech’s influence in Hollywood for The Wrap.

Prior to launching Lifestream and Parachute, Erlichman served as a consultant at Maker Studios. He is based in Los Angeles.

Jon Erlichman hosts Periscope’s most popular daily quiz show, #TechTrivia on his own channel. Jon will be speaking at The Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco.